DIY Dog Halloween Costume: Doggy Roll

Cristina RamirezComment

Happy October!  It’s time to start getting your Halloween costumes in order and you can’t forget about your pups.  I’ve seen this sushi costume surface for the past few years now and always wanted to make one.  I’ve seen so many different variations and it gave me the confidence to just go for it, you can’t mess it up.  This costume can literally be for anyone. Yourself, your baby and of course your pup.  I made it for my dog Beau, but I think I’m going to borrow it a Halloween party or two.   

This costume is so simple and there is no sewing necessary (unless you prefer to sew).  You can even substitute some of the materials for things you have around the house. 


  • Poly filling or a pillow
  • Orange fabric
  • Black infinity scarf (I found mine at the 99 cent store) or black fabric
  • Felt: Dark green, light green, pink and white
  • Elastic or a headband
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

1: figure out how large you want you sushi pillow and draw out the shape of a sushi.  You can also just cut out a square to simplify the design.

2. Cut out your fish shape, leaving about an inch extra from where you drew your line.  You should have two fish shapes.

3. With your glue gun, glue on your drawn on line and place your other shape into of the glue.

4. Leave a small opening at the end.

5. Fill your pillow with poly filling and seal and opening with your glue gun.

6. Cut out stripes of white felt.

7. Glue them on your pillow to create a salmon effect.

8. Cut your dark green felt pieces in half and scatter them under your pillow

9. Glue them onto your pillow.

10. Take some extra dark green felt and cut out choppy points. 

11. Take a stripe of your light green felt and loop it into a ball and glue at the end.

12.  Do the same thing with the pink felt but use two stripes to make it larger and looser.  And then glue everything to your elastic.

Place your pillow on you or your pup’s back and wrap your infinity scarf around you to secure it.  You can also use some black fabric and tie it around your belly.