Mars/ Target

Brand: Mars is a company known for the confectionery items that it creates, such as Marsbars, Milky Way bars, M&M's, Skittles, Snickers, and Twix. Sold at Target.

Theme: Easter decorating and Easter basket building with M&M’s, Dove Chocolate and Mars Mixed Minis in collaboration with Target Cartwheel app.


·  M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candies (Pastel Colored)

·  Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Eggs

·  M&M’S Vanilla Cupcake – Only at Target!

·  M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candies Filled Eggs

·  Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Solid Bunny


Shinola Detroit

Brand: Shinola is an American design brand based in Detroit. Shinola is dedicated to creating world-class manufacturing jobs in America, making watches, bicycles, leather goods, journals (and launching jewelry and audio this fall) of the highest quality. Founded in 2011, Shinola was conceived with the belief that products should be well made and built to last.

Theme: Holiday gifting and Personal Style - Rather than getting something for yourself, give the gift of Shinola to someone important to you or inspires you. Also show the Shinola product in action and how it fits seamlessly into your own lifestyle.

Products: 1 Watch + 1 Jewelry


Brand: Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur that is crafted in the province of Chambord, at the site of a real French château, with the finest ingredients. Chambord is fun and quirky! Why? Because no reason.

Theme: A balance between content that focuses on DIY / Home Decor and content that focuses on cocktail recipes.

1) Hosting the Mademoiselles - focus on settings based on celebratory moments (engagements, bridal showers, or "Because No Reason" girls night)

2) Chambords Spring Forward - Integrate Chambord cocktails into the season and culture. Rebirth moments (warm weather and festival season). 

FYI Network

Show: Style Unzipped ­ the history of fashion

Theme: “Style Unzipped” takes viewers on a journey into the fascinating and often unbelievable stories behind the fashionable items we wear today. The campaign will hhighlight various fashion trends throughout history!


·         High heels

·         Classic Tee

·         Pink (feminine accessories)


Theme: “Remix Your BBQ” A new spin on classic BBQ food and snack recipes while incorporating NABISCO products within the dish.


·         CHIPS AHOY! Cookies

·         HONEY MAID Grahams


Theme:  “Perfect Never” – “Perfect is boring. It never changes, never improves and never shows you anything different. Fortunately, no one’s perfect. Not (asset), and not you. But that’s a good thing. Because there’s a lot that you can do that perfect can never do. Perfect never gets better, never learns and never grows. Perfect never challenges expectations or changes conversations. Perfect Never expresses originality or sees setbacks as opportunities. You are who you’ve worked to become. Be proud that you’re never perfect. Share how this curated look inspires/motivates them to reach new heights in either their health/fitness, career, or other personal developments.

Products: (C Track Jacket, Dance Strappy Bra, Studio Urban Instinct Tight, Hayasu as examples).

California Milk

Theme 1: New Milk & Cookies - exploring all the different way to pair together milk & cookies! Going from traditional pairing of milk and sweets.

Theme 2: Savory recipe- Healthy pairings (January new years resolutions)

Theme 3: Savory recipe- Kids Sleepover milk and savory snack pairings

Product: California Milk

E ! The Royals

Brand: E! The Royals is an addictive opportunity to witness the explosive self-destruction of a modern royal family. Filled with gasp-inducing plot twists, aching anticipation, characters they'll love to love (and love to hate), The Royals vie for those all alluring yet elusive desires: Popularity and Power.

Theme: Royally Ready - Lifestyle board, shedding light into the lifestyles of the characters of the show (i.e. royal entertainment, royal parties, romance, etc). Showcasing the glamorous, sexy, scandalous, unpredictable, bold side of The Royals.


Brand: FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box delivering the season’s best beauty, fashion, and fitness products.

Theme: Showcase all the great seasonal items that comes with your FabFitFun box. Spring, health and wellness vibes.


Brand: Nordstrom- Variety of Brands

Theme: “Holiday – to –Night”.  Nordstrom wants to run a campaign to highlight their affordable and trendy products in order to help ladies prepare for the holidays whether it is for a casual outing with friends or a fancy holiday cocktail party. They want to show that Nordstrom can cater to all your holiday outfit needs and at a really great price point too!

Jem and The Holograms

Brand: Universal Pictures

Movie: Jem and the Holograms

Theme: Diary of a Rock Star. Introduce the movie to young, music-loving moviegoers. Emphasis on loving life and embracing your inner rock star. Feature funky fashion, makeup, and music all inspired by Jem and the Holograms

Wild Turkey American Honey

Brand: Wild Turkey Bourbon is super-premium American bourbon, made in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky by Master Distiller Jimmy Russell

Theme: SPIRIT OF SUMMER - The “Summer Yourself” From beach balls to bonfires, Summer is a state of mind and a time for celebration. Grab your friends and an American Honey cocktail to spark some social alchemy and summer fun.

Product - Wild Turkey American Honey


Brand: JCP Holiday - variety of brands

Theme: Holiday – it is better to give than receive.  Styling for the holiday season.

See full board here.

Captain Morgan

Re-establish Captain Morgan as the go-to party spirit amongst Millennials and gain emotional relevance within release occasions. The Captain has “taken the beach” and that he is bringing three new game-changing spirits to the beach party.

Campaign type: Content Creation 

Products: Captain Morgan Rum Flavors: Coconut, Pineapple, Grapefruit


Brand: Wendy's
Theme 1:  The Doable Bucket List- With adventure in mind, create content around budget friendly, fun activities for the summer, inspired by Wendy’s FruiTea Chillers.

Theme 2:  Creativity Curated- Fueled by Wendy's Blackberry Lemonade, create summer how-to's, creative inspiration, and passion projects!


·         Wendy's FruiTea chillers Blueberry Pineapple

·         Wendy's FruiTea chillers Orange Mango

·         Wendy's Blackberry Lemonade

"Aloha" The Movie

Brand: Sony Pictures

Movie: Aloha

Theme: Get the Aloha Look. Its all about getting the warm weather beauty/style looks inspired the location and cast from the Aloha movie. 

Created Content


Brand: Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur that is crafted in the province of Chambord, at the site of a real French château, with the finest ingredients. Chambord is fun and quirky! Why? Because no reason.

Theme: Focus on colorful and fun elements to capture the Chanbord bottle.  Also, feature the Chambord Blackberry Margarita.


ThemeHealthy Holiday - Demonstrate food, drinks, workouts (incorporating Flipbelt), etc, all the things that can make your holiday healthier.

Ritz Crackers

 Theme: In the spirit of Open for Fun, our TV commercial celebrates all things festive with a decked out house that’s the brightest (and yummiest) on the block. With a pinch of merry and a dash of competitiveness, our message playfully challenges our audience to “Top That!” And wink-wink, it just so happens that you actually can top our buttery-crisp Ritz crackers with whatever strikes your fancy.

Product: Ritz Crackers


Are you ready for the holidays? My favorite part of the holidays is catching up with friends and family at all those holiday parties and of course eating and sharing yummy food recipes. I teamed up with Ritz Crackers to showcase an appetizer that doubles as a centerpiece.

Procter & Gamble

Brand: Every year P&G likes to highlight their "Best of P&G." These are the products that have won special recognition for being amazing.

Theme: Girl's Night Out-  toolkit for how you get ready for a girls night out.