I have been working as a social media content creator since 2013.  I have grown a following of 680k on Pinterest and a following of 134K on Flipagram.  I always get asked, “How did you gain so many followers?” While it may be pure luck and timing, I’d like to think it’s my great eye for design, organization skills and the constant desire of collecting beautiful images.  I have worked with brands such as Ritz Crackers, Cover Girl, Captain Morgan, Wild Turkey, Chambord and many more to create content through images and videos that captures their brand’s image.  Being a content creator was one of those unplanned paths in life that has become so rewarding. 

I use my styling and photography skills to capture the essence of a brand in order to attract a following online.  I am constantly interested in learning new techniques and media.  Most recently I have started to create videos.  Check out my YouTube channel.