#MAKEITPERSONAL with Shinola Detroit

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I am beyond honored to be featured on the Shinola Detroit blog.  I have worked with them in the past and am always impressed with their impeccably handmade goods.  They are known for their beautiful watches, but also extend their product range to timelessly crafted jewelry and lovely leather items. 

A monogrammed Chili Pepper Large Journal Cover with Tab, Large Journal, Copper Fisher Space Pen, The Canfield 38mm, and Leather Heart Paperweight.

A monogrammed Chili Pepper Large Journal Cover with Tab, Large Journal, Copper Fisher Space Pen, The Canfield 38mm, and Leather Heart Paperweight.

I am obsessed with their leather backpack and leather notebook cover.  They are so well make and the backpack it large enough the carry a laptop. 

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at their latest collection.  I decided to customize a beautiful Classic Signet Ring with my monogram and I love how it effortlessly shines on my finger, adding an elegance to my simple style. I decided to get my initials engraved because I think its a great personal touch. 

Classic Signet Ring with monogram @Shinola
With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?
— Oscar Wilde

Overnight Oats

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I’ve been seeing recipes for overnight oats a lot lately and have been wondering how they would taste.  It seems like the perfect breakfast for busy mornings. Do all the prep at night and grab and go in the morning.

I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. It does take a bit of preparation but it was so hearty and tasty.  It will get you through till lunch. I hope you give it a try.

• 1 Banana
• 1 ¼ cups Almond Milk
• ½ cup Vanilla Yogurt or Greek
• 1 cup Rolled Oats
• 1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
• Top with your favorite fruits, nuts, seeds and nut butters


  1. Mash a banana
  2. Add almond milk and yorgurt and stir
  3. Add rolled oats and chia seeds and stir.
  4. Transfer to cup and cover.
  5. Refrigerate overnight and top with fresh fruit in the morning.

Watch the video to see how easy it is. Don't forget to like and subscribe xoxo

DIY Dog Costume : The Pupitini

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Here is a last minute dog costume that I thought was too cute not to share.  A puppy martini: The Pupitini.  Every pet owner has a cone of shame lying around; all you need is a wooden dowel, some foam balls and some paint.  For some reason I think of Sex and the City every time I see this now.  You could dress up as your favorite Sex and the City Character.  


Note:  I would recommend using smaller foam balls, these had a hard time staying up.


  • Foam Spheres
  • Wooden dowel
  • Red paint 
  • Cone of Shame

1. Paint red dots on foam spheres.

2. Puncture the wooden dowel into the each foam sphere.

3. Attach to cone.

Spooky Halloween Cocktails

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Are you throwing an epic Halloween party this year?  I love Halloween parties, but I don’t like throwing them.  I like to go over the top and want things to be absolutely perfect when I throw a party.  With Halloween there are so many awesome details I could think of doing like setting up the bathroom as a murder scene or serving hot dogs that resemble fingers or having your whole place lined with cob webs and creepy crawlers…  it gives me an anxiety attack just thinking about it.  I do admire those who throw an epic Halloween party.  


So I stick to the bar details.  I always offer to come up with fun cocktails for my friend’s parties or if I have a few people over during the holidays.  This year I experimented with dry ice and it gave such a cool effect.  You have to try them.  I made 2 cocktails and 1 shooter with ingredients I had at my bar cart. 

Note: If you plan on using dry ice, be very careful not to touch it with your bare hands. If adding it to your cocktails, be sure to let dry ice completely evaporate before drinking.   Do not swallow.

The Black Heart
2 oz. Vodka
2 Oz. Chambord (Blackberry Liqueur)
4 oz. Pomegranate Juice
Top with a Blackberry

Poisoned Apple
2 oz. Tequila
3 oz. Apple Cider
Top with Pomegranate Juice
Add dry ice for a dramatic effect. (do not swallow dry ice.)

Black Widow Venom
In a pitcher mix:
3/4 cup of whipped Cream Vodka
1/4 cup of Grenadine
Serve in glass bottles or shot glasses.

Enjoy and Drink Responsibly

DIY Dog Halloween Costume: Doggy Roll

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Happy October!  It’s time to start getting your Halloween costumes in order and you can’t forget about your pups.  I’ve seen this sushi costume surface for the past few years now and always wanted to make one.  I’ve seen so many different variations and it gave me the confidence to just go for it, you can’t mess it up.  This costume can literally be for anyone. Yourself, your baby and of course your pup.  I made it for my dog Beau, but I think I’m going to borrow it a Halloween party or two.   

This costume is so simple and there is no sewing necessary (unless you prefer to sew).  You can even substitute some of the materials for things you have around the house. 


  • Poly filling or a pillow
  • Orange fabric
  • Black infinity scarf (I found mine at the 99 cent store) or black fabric
  • Felt: Dark green, light green, pink and white
  • Elastic or a headband
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

1: figure out how large you want you sushi pillow and draw out the shape of a sushi.  You can also just cut out a square to simplify the design.

2. Cut out your fish shape, leaving about an inch extra from where you drew your line.  You should have two fish shapes.

3. With your glue gun, glue on your drawn on line and place your other shape into of the glue.

4. Leave a small opening at the end.

5. Fill your pillow with poly filling and seal and opening with your glue gun.

6. Cut out stripes of white felt.

7. Glue them on your pillow to create a salmon effect.

8. Cut your dark green felt pieces in half and scatter them under your pillow

9. Glue them onto your pillow.

10. Take some extra dark green felt and cut out choppy points. 

11. Take a stripe of your light green felt and loop it into a ball and glue at the end.

12.  Do the same thing with the pink felt but use two stripes to make it larger and looser.  And then glue everything to your elastic.

Place your pillow on you or your pup’s back and wrap your infinity scarf around you to secure it.  You can also use some black fabric and tie it around your belly.  

DIY Blanket Strap

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I know summer is officially over and you probably have all your outdoor activities out of your system, but I feel like the beginning of every season bring a new list of outdoor activities to check off.  Whether it be pumpkin picking or long walks through the woods, there is always time to plop down, have a picnic and experience the changing of the leaves.  

This blanket strap is made with 2-3 leather belts (found at the 99 cent store), a hole puncher and some twine. So for under $5 you can make this super easy blanket strap, when on Etsy or other stores are selling them for over $80. I’ve gotten so many complements and no one believes me when I tell them, “I made it!”

So saddle up your blanket and get outdoors!


  • 2 leather belts
  • An old purse strap or another belt
  • 2 “D” rings
  • 2 hook buckles
  • Some Twine
  • And a hole puncher

1. Take one belt and secure it around your blanket pulling it tight so it fits snug around your blanket.  Mark a few evenly spaced dotes where you want your new holes to go.

2. Line up your two belts and mark the same dots onto your other belt.

3. With your leather hole punch make holes into both belts.

4. Wrap the two belts around the blanket and cut off the extra leather, leaving an inch or two after the last hole.

5. Unbuckle your belts and lay them out about 10 inch apart or whatever will fit best for your blanket.  With one of the cutoff parts of the belt place it across the belts straps. This is going to be the handle for your strap.  Mark about an inch extra on each side and cut.

6. Take your handle and place it under one of the belts about 6 inches above your holes. Mark four dots in the shape of a square that will hold both belts. Do the same on the other side making sure all the belts line up and punch out the holes.

7. Place the belt with the holes on top of your handle and mark the exact same holes.

8.  To attach the handle grab some twine and string through the holes starting from the back. Place your “D” ring in the center and string the twine through the “D” ring and into the other hole. From the back string through the diagonal hole leading to the front through the “D” ring and into the next hole.

9. Next string through where you started making an “X” stitch on the back. Repeat this several times till the straps are tight and secure.

10. Add a little super glue under the twine for extra hold and then tie a few knots.

11. You’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side

12. To make the shoulder strap grab an old purse strap or belt and measure out how long you want it to be.  Loop the hook buckle and mark two holes

13. Punch out the holes and make two more holes on the other side of the loop

14. With your twine, string through each of the holes over and over again till tightly secured.

15. Tie up the end and repeat on the other side. 

Watch the video to see all steps in action.