Watercolor Name Cards

I’m all about the little details when it comes to planning an event. I always like to put my own personal touch at my table.  These watercolor name cards are so easy and you can even get the kids to help in.  I think there is something so therapeutic about painting, especially with watercolors.  If name cards are not your thing you could always turn them into gift tags or thank you cards.

Watercolor Name Card

Watercolor Name Card

What you'll need:

Watercolor paper, watercolors, paint brush, water, paper towel and markers.

Swipe brush back and form across your paper with the color of your choice. I like to use a gradation to give an ombre effect.

After the paint is dry cut the paper down the middle with a paper cutter or an exacto knife.

Cut off the ends as well.

Cut the two strips in half so you have four stripes

Then Fold.

And using your best handwriting customize each card. 

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