DIY Pillow IKEA Hack

DIY Pillow IKEA Hack

I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now, but pillows are one of my favorite things to make.  I love that they are a small element of a space that can instantly change the look.  Since I’m constantly changing things up it’s a great way for me to make something new and spruce things up.

This DIY can also be classified as an IKEA hack.  I love IKEA and I do shop at IKEA very frequently but there are two things I will never buy from there: pillow covers and art. I can spot an IKEA pillow or art piece anywhere I go.  I personally don’t like things that are cookie cutter and recognizable in my space.  I want pieces that are personalized and one of a kind, so even when I shop at places like IKEA I try to finds ways to tweak them to make them look more interesting.

This pillow for example is made from a $4 rug and a $4 cushion.  The rug is something you’d probably overlook or maybe not need, but because it’s a rug I thought it would make a heavy duty pillow, something that is durable for outdoor furniture and you will not find any outdoor pillows for under $8 anywhere. It’s such an easy and cheap way to brighten up your outdoor furniture.



· SIGNE rug

· ULLKAKTUS cushion

· Sewing Machine and thread

Let’s Get Started!

1. Cut the rug in half.

2. Match opposite sides of each cutout.  Placing the cut end to the fringe end.

3. Sew along the edge of three sides.

4. Stuff the cover with the cushion.

5. Sew the last opening closed.

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