DIY Wood Block Photo Stand


I love all the products from Artifact Uprising.  I’ve made several photobooks for my close friends and they are always a hit.  I especially love this wood block they sell along with photo prints.  Since I prefer the photobook rather than prints, I decided to make my own wood block photo stand for my photobook. 

I love the simplistic design and it goes perfectly with my modern aesthetic.  It was so easy to make, but my way does require a circular saw which can be very intimidating.  So if you are comfortable with power tools, give it a shot.  You can always try to attempt to use a hand saw, it will just take a little more time and patience.

What you’ll need:

  • 2"x 6" wood board

  • Circular Saw

  • Sand paper

  • Triangle and pencil

You can use any size wood you desire.  I had a 2”x 6” board so I decided to make two.  I love how they look on my night stands. 

Step 1: Clamp down wood.

Step 2: Mark wood directly in the middle. (if you making two)

Step 3: Figure out how wide you want your block to be.  I wanted my book to pop out about ½” from each side.  Then mark that line.

Step 4: Mark a few lines of the thickness of your book or whatever you want your block to hold.

Step 5: Adjust your blade to only cut into your wood about ¼”.

Step 6: Rotate your blade to about 10 degrees.

Step 7: Cut along one line

Step 8: Repeat until you have your thickness.

Step 9: Repeat on the other side if you are making two.

Step 10: Rotate angle back to 0 degrees.

Step 11: Adjust blade to cut a little past you piece of wood.

Step 12: Cut along the centerline of wood.

Step 13: Cut the last line drawn.

Step 14: Sand down until smooth.


Check out my video.