DIY Side Table

DIY Side Table

I love thrifting! I am always buying the weirdest things in hopes an idea will spark on how I can save and recreate something.  This small side table from some odds and ends I found at the thrift store.  For the table top I used a wood cheese board I found (like this one). I also found some old plastic table legs (like this but taller) for a few bucks.  You might even have some of this stuff laying around your house.  Get creative and let’s see what you can


Let’s Get Started!

1. Remove bark from the trim of the cheese board.

2. Sand the top and the trim of the cheese board.

3. Dust of sawdust.

4. Paint two coats of wood stain or sealant to the cheese board.

5. Screw table legs to a piece of scrap wood to make it easier to spray paint all around the legs.

6. Once dry, remove the legs.

7. Line up the legs an equal length apart.  Mark where to screw in legs.

8. Wrap a piece of tap around the drill bit that leaves the tip the same length of the screw on the legs.

9. Drill a hole as far as the tape is on the drill bit.

10. Place a drop of wood glue and then screw in the table legs.